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This whole “Same sex” marriage thing has gotten out of hand.
Listen to me closely, I am not saying that same sex partners shouldn’t be married. What I’m saying is that few people deserve to be married.
You argue about it ruining the sanctity of marriage? Look at the definition of marriage, The institution we know as the Government has already destroyed it.
Now, don’t quote me on this, I don’t have my bible on me, but I’m pretty sure that the bible quotes marriage as a union between a man and a women in the eyes of God. There it is. Look at it closely. The entire structure of my argument is based on this line. Pretty poor considering I don’t even know if it’s completely correct, but the gist is there.
Now, you think I’m going to pull apart the man and a woman part, don’t you? Good joke. No, I’m not going to attack that one like every other conservative religious man (woman). No. What I am attacking is “in the eyes of God”. How many of you “Married” people truly believe in God?
There’s nothing wrong with it, but truthfully now.
In the eyes of the government, to be “Married” there must be a registered Marriage Celebrant to preside over the ceremony. In fact, there doesn’t even need to be a ceremony, just paper work. Not a priest. Now, how was that not damaged the “Sanctity of Marriage”? As a “People” we didn’t have a say in it. So why cannot 2 men or 2 women sit down and sign this piece of paper together. God has nothing to do with it anymore. I vote, Legally, we remove all traces of “Marriage” and “God” from the event. Call all of them, same or different sex unions, “Civil Unions”. Let the Christians have a religious wedding and a priest declare them married, let any two human being sign that piece of paper to be in a Civil Union. Separate State and Religion. We are a multi-cultural country, so why can’t we accept different sub-cultures? This is the most logical path, why are we not taking this?
Vote 1 Civil Union, for all.


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  1. yep yep yep yep yep. This is 100% my thoughts on it. Why would you even want to get married, anyway? Half of all marriages end in divorce! Invasive brain surgery has better odds of survival than your marriage is likely to,

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