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Back before there were computers, Internet, electricity, or even humans, there once was a Penguin name Eduardo.

Let us take a journey back in time, let us become Eduardo.

Dramatic fade

The sun slowly rose across the Antarctic, while Eduardo rose with, just as slowly.

Eduardo had few philosophies in life, one of them, was to sleep. He would often awake much later than his fellow penguins, but this did not bother him, for, honestly, he had nothing important to do. The fish will be there when he woke, every day. His fellow penguins had his back when it came to predators.

Today was no different to any other day.

After doing his morning yoga stretches, because Penguins invented yoga, did you know that?

When photographers came in later centuries, they learnt the ancient art of yoga from the penguins.

But we are talking about Eduardo, not yoga.

After his yoga session, Eduardo preened himself. “I must always look nice for the lady penguins” and did they swoon when Eduardo waddled past, which he made sure he did as frequently as possible.

Some penguins called Eduardo vain but he cared not.

After his preening, Eduardo jumped into the ocean, looking for some breakfast.

He swam around, ignoring the other penguins as they also hunted, they wouldn’t share anyway, because they dislike his sleeping habits, looking for some tasty tasty fish.

After a while, Eduardo had failed to catch any fish!

He was starting to get hungry, and a little worried. There was always fish!

Eduardo stopped for a moment to look around, when he noticed, he was all alone.

There were no other penguins around, which meant…

Eduardo quickly spun around and there looming in front of him was…


The most feared of all land yet surprisingly underwater based hunters!

Eduardo had to think fast

Land held no safety for him, as the t-rex can follow him, yet he was not safe at all in the water.

So, Eduardo did the only thing left to him.

He dived down.




Hoping to catch the t-rex by surprise so he can slip away.

Swimming fast, Eduardo was thankful for his yoga stretches this morn.

After a while, Eduardo looked back, to notice, much to his dismay! The T-rex right behind him!

“How is this possible?” Eduardo thought “His tiny arms should not allow him to swim as fast as me!”

Next thing he knew! He was caught up in those tiny tiny arms!

Eduardo struggled!

He squirmed!

He twisted!

He..! He…

He wasn’t dead?


He was…

Being Hugged?

The t-rex roared a friendly roar

And hugged Eduardo close.

Eduardo looked up and asked the t-rex “You want a friend? Not lunch?”

The t-rex responded with an “Of course! If I wanted lunch, I would have gone into town and gotten a burger!”

Eduardo squirmed “uhh buddy, you are squeezing me pretty hard”

“Oh I am SOOOO sorry” replied the T-rex and promptly released him

“So, want the grand tour of underwater? Seems though you kinda don’t live here?” asked Eduardo.

“I would love it!”

And so Eduardo Showed the T-rex around

They saw the great ice bergs! The coral! Chatted with other penguins!

But alas, towards the end of the day, the T-rex sighed.

“I am almost out of oxygen my friend; it is time for me to return to the forests of my home.

Please, may I visit you again?”

Eduardo replied “But of course my dear friend! But first! You haven’t even told me your name”

“I am Emma, and you are?”

“I am Eduardo”

“Well Eduardo, fare thee well, I shall spread a good word among the other T-rex about you and your kin!”

“Good bye Emma!”

And so, Emma to T-rex swam away.

This is how all T-rex became fast friends with the penguins

For Eduardo swam home and told the story over, and over, spreading to good word of the T-rex Emma.

The T-rex protected the penguins, Have you ever seen a T-rex crash tackle a Killer Whale? It is a sight to behold.

This friendship held until the day the dinosaurs died…

Which was actually the next year, so ultimately, the friendship wasn’t that long…

Except for one T-rex, who was swimming under the Antarctic when the meteor hit.

To this day, Emma the T-rex lives with the penguins, swimming and fishing, living in bliss as the last of her kind.

Eduardo you ask?

Oh he went on to become the official liaison between Penguins and T-rex.

Which suited him just fine, He could preen, and T-rex also liked sleeping in.

The End


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